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A Cut Above

A family-owned boutique barbers contacted me to create a mural for their shop facade. Established in 1979, and long standing as the oldest working barbershop in Leeds, the lovely owner Sarah wanted me to capture the essence of its heritage.
Once inside the premises, I got a real feel for the place – and what struck me was all the ornate features that made it look so authentic. From the original Italian barber chairs and the black and white chequered floor, to the flock patterned wall paper. And adding to its charm were pieces of random paraphernalia, such as a Phrenology head and some small vintage model cars in a display case. Everything fitted togeth- er beautifully!
What better way to showcase the shop than by bringing these lovely features on to the outside and adding a few playful touches of my own. A massive thanks to Chappie, Sarah’s big friendly dog, who also featured in my story. It made for one happy owner, and one happy Mastiff that stole the show.

For Tonsorial Emporium (Exterior)
Date 4/5/21