The Write Ink

“Always easily distracted, and easily led” was the general comment found on my teachers’ school report card. In short, I was an annoying little pr@*k at school. Except for one hour a week.
Art Class was my release valve. It let my mind wonder and I found myself telling visual stories as a way of communicating thoughts. My art was soon getting recognised by my art teacher and others, which spurred me on.
I went to art college and, after graduating, became an advertising art director in London. I was getting paid for creating ideas through visual storytelling. More importantly, I was doing something I loved. No wonder I stayed for so long.
Today, I create wall murals and canvas art, as well as undertaking commercial marketing projects. They are all about escapism and the freedom to explore. I love creating something out of nothing.
My mural clients range from advertising agencies to home commissions, whilst through my marketing projects I’ve been fortunate enough to work with The Royal British Legion, Samsung, Prudential, Asda, Ocado, Canon and Wejo, amongst others.
My canvas art brings different realities together, combining themes that are worlds apart. Yet, when interlinked, they deliver a unique narrative. This synthesis of opposing ideas can reflect my feelings, my reaction to a specific object, what’s happening to me in the moment or what’s going on in the wider world.
I have two distinct styles – one a contemporary crosshatch style which gives me meticulous control of the detail, and the other a bolder, simplified line-work approach that suits a different type of storytelling. I tend to work in black and white, sometimes adding a limited colour palette to help enhance a key part of the story.
I love talking to people about new projects – let’s meet for a coffee, a beer or have a call.
Let’s start inking!