The Write Ink


‘Life’ is Good

A few frames taken from a huge animation project I was lucky enough to work on for the Prudential.
I was given the task of bringing to life 3 scripts, all from their Life Insur- ance portfolio. Their mission – to make these complicated products easier for the customer to understand.
Eleven Miles, their integrated agency, gave me free licence to have some fun with each one. By just adding touches here and there, I was able to make each script a little more light hearted and digestible for the view-
er. Each frame was hand drawn and scanned in – they were long days, but very rewarding. And a real milestone for me having never undertaken an animation before!
It was a real pleasure working with such a talented group of people at Eleven Miles. A massive thanks to Harriet, Chloe, Rob, and Dan for all their hard work. The Prudential client was extremely animated (in a good way!) at the end result.

For Prudential
Date 30/3/23