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Poppy Gaze

As he stands there and reflects…
For all the brave men and women who played their part, and for many who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
This piece was a non-profitable commission to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, marking the end of World War Two on the 8th May 2020.
It is currently hanging in The British Legion’s main office in Leeds. Ready to be auctioned off when we eventually do get back to normal – where all the proceeds will go back into the charity.

For The British Legion
Date 8/10/19

Tin Robot Adventure

A work colleague from my advertising days, and now the founder of a fully integrated media agency called Tin Robot, commissioned me with a great project to work on.
The task? To create the main visual for the company website with the positioning of ‘Unconventionally Normal’. The only obvious mandatory – showcasing a tin robot!
Having created several concepts under-pinning this thought, the chosen idea featured giant robots casually going about their business whilst making a big impact. 
One using a can to spray the company logo on the side of a tall building – making its mark if you like. The other holding an alarm clock highlighting time for change.
Once animated it really brought the idea to life… And the client loved it so much he kept the original canvas artwork to hang in
the office.

For Tin Robot
Date 1/2/21

Powder Monkey

‘In the midst of Algeria’s struggle for independence from France, 15-year old Simeon Abu is determined to find out where his Father’s true loyalties lie amid a world of treachery, discrimination and torture.’ An extract from the synopsis of the forthcoming book, for which I had the pleasure to create the front cover.
Opportunities like this don’t come up that often, so when I was contacted by the very talented author Dan Douglass I was more than happy to oblige. Having discussed the story and the direction he wanted to take it, it was agreed that the theme needed to dramatise the relationship between the father and son and their own internal struggles. It is a simple, hard hitting visual which draws the reader in for the amazing narrative inside.

For Author, Dan Douglass
Date 13/4/21

LUFC 100 years in the making

A homage to my boyhood team. It was a chance to ink all the fantastic, if agonising, times I’ve watched my club over the years. Hopefully a fitting Centenary tribute to celebrate with.
My limited edition artwork is available
to purchase via my online gallery link below.

Date 1/6/20

Work and Powerplay

I was asked to create and develop a piece of work for The Samsung DaVinci, a powerful Android device with amazing features that help you go beyond just balancing work and life – it helps you take all aspects of your life to the next level.
My approach showcased this next-level power with bold illustrations that combined typography and graphics in an eye-catching way. The graphic also appeared on limited edition bags that the phone came in, as well as featuring on t-shirts and mini power drinks.

For Samsung
Date 10/8/19

Heart of the Community

FCB Inferno, a leading advertising agency, were pitching for ASDA. They needed to create a key visual for the pitch document to sum up one of Britain’s leading and most beloved retailers – bringing to life the human values of the brand and the strong sense of community they have.
It needed to showcase the diverse range of customers, the services that they offered them and the real value that they brought to the local community. 
And so came the idea of the beating heart of the community it serves. The Asda employees are the heroes, the customers the reason for being.
On the flip side of that, I was asked to create a similar idea again. But this time demonstrating the core values of the the ad agency, and how aligned they are should they get to work together.

For FCB Inferno
Date 24/2/21