The Write Ink



When you slow things right down, you learn to appreciate the moment you’re in.
This mural was the first of four I was asked to create on pretty much any topic of my own choosing – an unusual brief. These murals would feature in one of the main corridors in a building that houses various creative businesses under one roof. Having worked with the operations manager at Castleton Mill previously, she was happy to give me a free rein on this project (see the “Wasp has landed” mural).
I decided to approach this project in a similar vein. My starting point was to use a collection of quotes that centered around our everyday lives and how we interact with one another.
Whether we’re in the workplace or just going about our personal daily routine, we need to take a step back and reflect, and think about the impact of what we do or say – be it positive or negative. It’s ultimately down to us to decide upon our actions.

For Beam_Works
Date 7/12/18