The Write Ink


Hare today…Gone tomorrow

Iris NYC, the US branch of a global advertising agency, commissioned me to create two murals – this being the first which appeared in the main studio space.
I submitted various sketched concepts that would bring to life their main core strength “Familiar is Failure”, whilst also incorporating their logo in an impactful way. Throughout the process we kept a conversation going so that we could build on the ideas together, until we reached the final outcome that you see.
Working in NYC for 10 days was a real pleasure. The walk from my Lower East side digs to the agency allowed me to soak up the real cultural and creative vibe that part of the city has to offer. Nothing like having the perfect mindset to start the next working day!

For Iris NYC Date 23/5/19

Humming that Tune

This is the second of the two murals I was asked to create for Iris NYC, this one appearing in the main boardroom. Again, this mural reflects the agency positioning ‘Familiar is Failure’.