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Illuminating Wejo and Ocado

This is one of five corporate films I created for Wejo. Targeted at a B2B audience, it paints a detailed picture as to why Wejo is the market leader in the world of connect- ed vehicle data. It was filmed as it was created, using a neon lightbox effect with neon markers on an illuminated glass.
A big shout out to Julian Gratton, the CD on the project. Also to Ben and Ed @glued- films. And last but not least, Chris @soundcolourfilms.

For Wejo
Date 10/7/21

Ocado, via their marketing agency Live and Breath, asked me to bring together their latest campaign ‘Moments that Matter’ by creating a film for their corporate website.
Employees were asked to consider what belonging really meant to them, in terms of their role at Ocado – and what were the little moments that really mattered. Because whilst we are all different, there are special moments that connect and unite us all.

For Ocado
Date 30/3/22