The Write Ink


London Calling

‘Let’s use the five pillars to create inspired pieces of art within our agency space, to create a unique focal point. Each pillar will become a canvas for a mural artist to create beautiful works of art that tell a pictorial story of SMG in London’.
This was the enviable task I was given when approached by SMG, a shopper/retail marketing agency based in the heart of London. The brief was simple enough – I was given five famous London locations, well known for their iconic shopping history, and had free reign on how I could bring each street to life. Whilst incorporating how SMG plays an important role in how people’s shopping trends are changing constantly.
To add an extra layer of fun, I was asked to dig a little deeper, and find out some quirky/interesting facts about each street’s unique back story. It certainly was enjoyable un-earthing some real gems.
The illustrations were all hand drawn separately, and then digitally printed on a strong robust wallpaper, ready to be installed by my good mate [email protected].
Thank you, Garry and Rebecca, for reaching out to me. It was a lovely project to work on with you both. And yes, it was definitely right up my street!

Date 5/10/23