The Write Ink


Marching through Together

Being an avid Leeds United fan, when these kind of commissions come along, you just can’t wait to start creating…
Colin and Chris, the manager and owner of this well known Leeds sports bar, wanted to cover the overhead plinths in the pub with all memorable events and people associated with Leeds United. This was a subject I knew a lot about!
I created a series of three canvasses focussing on the famous Leeds chant “Marching on Together” and interlinking it with three iconic past and present moments that every true Leeds United supporter would relish.
As you walk through the pub your eye is drawn to the canvasses and you are taken on a journey of some of the history of the football club.
The illustrations were created on large separate canvases, photographed and then digitally printed on a strong robust wallpaper, ready to be installed by my good mate [email protected].

For Air Bar
Date 7/10/20