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Smile while you Dial

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely guys from Safestyle, based in Bradford, who sell and fit top of the range windows and doors in both the domestic and commercial markets. During the initial meeting with the main guys, I was taken through the history of the company, and how becoming No1 in their respective field doesn’t happen by chance.
The call centre department is a pivotal part of their business, bringing in the new leads and ensuring customer satisfaction. They wanted me to create a mural for that particular department to show their appreciation of the massive impact that team makes to the company, and to reinforce some of the core reasons to why they’re at the top of their game. The only stipulation was to include the line ‘SMILE WHILE YOU DIAL’, which played an important part in their mantra.
Where it fits the project, I use a different style that has a more fun, simple and graphic approach. I always feature characters within the story, allowing me to highlight key points through them to deliver the overall message.
Like the idea itself, it did seem to make a big impact on the people I was doing it for.

For Safestyle
Date 17/12/20