The Write Ink


Split Second

I was asked to create a mural by the wonderful team at @movestudioproductions, a motion graphics company part of the @tmw marketing agency in London.
Their brief to me, Create something beautiful, eye-catching and inspiring for one of our key creative spaces in the agency. A chance to make an environment that our Move team and creative folk want to be in, and our clients love to visit. In a nutshell, their company positioning of Ideas that move people.
I chose imagery that depicts movement and emotion throughout – that split-second moment you capture the raw beauty of nature doing what it does best, to the thrill of a skateboarder giving their all on perfecting an aerial stunt. Imagery that would stop people in their tracks. All brought together with a vine flourish symbolising an evolving organic thing that is constantly growing. Subtle use of leaf-shaped eyes, along with ear-shaped butterflies, reinforced the audio/visual message.
It was an absolute joy working on this project, made easier by working in a space full of incredibly talented people.

For TMW (Move Studio)
Date 25/11/21